Types of bail bonds

There are three ways to bail someone out of jail in Cherokee County.

1. Cash bond: Take the entire bond amount in cash in EXACT CHANGE to the jail along with $20 in exact change for the jail fee. The entire amount of the bond (not including the jail fee) will be returned to you when the case is settled.

2. Professional bondsman or surety bond: Bondsmen charge a percentage of the bond amount as the bond fee. Cherokee County requires all professional bondsmen to charge 15%  plus the $20 jail fee. The fee will not be returned when the case is settled.

Bail bond companies require one or more cosigners on bail bonds. A cosigner is someone who signs the bail bond contract. The cosigner is responsible for paying the full amount of the bond plus court costs if the defendant does not show up for court.

3. Property bond: A property bond involves using the equity in a property for collateral. In Cherokee County, you need to have twice the dollar amount of the bond plus $5000 in equity. For example for a $10,000 bond, you will need to have $25,000 in equity.

You will need to bring the warranty deed, tax statement and mortgage statement (if there is a mortgage on the property) to the jail. Everyone who is on the warranty deed will have to sign the paperwork. The county will place a lien on the property and will remove the lien when the case is settled.

A split bond involves using a property bond for a portion of the bond and using a professional bondsman for the remainder of the bond.

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